Congratulations Bloomberg, Now Switch Back Parties

The official results are not out yet, but you had a 38 point lead in the polls going in, so I figure you will win. This is an hour past the polls have closed.


You were a lifelong Democrat. Then you switched parties in 2001 to avoid the crowded, machine-oriented, cumbersome Democratic primaries to run for mayor of this great city. And you stayed a Republican for 2005. But now all that is behind you. You will not be running for mayor again.

So now it is high time you reclaimed your Democratic roots. Switch back. Make it official. Come out of the closet.

The Republicans just lost New Jersey and Virginia. They will lose the Congress in 2006. Switch now. Or people might think you will go with the party on the upswing. Now is the time. Switch and honor this great progressive city.