Bill Clinton Is Now Anti War Like Dean

About war policy, a few guidelines can be suggested.
  1. The military is there for a reason. It can be put to use.
  2. But it should only be put to use as the weapon of very last resort after all other political, diplomatic and economic options have been exhausted to the hilt. Because war is always a nasty business. Lives are lost.
  3. Study the enemy, understand the enemy, measure the stakes, and go in with a very clear goal and strategy.
  4. Have a clear exit strategy before you go in.
  5. Build a coalition. Don't go in alone.
  6. Go in with full force, wage a decisive victory, and come out swiftly. Do not invent new missions while on ground.
  7. America is not an empire. Do not make attempts to pretend otherwise. Respect local sentiments against foreign military occupations. In the worst case scenarios, you can be an intervening force, but never an occupying force.
I think Bush lost Dean on point (2). Dean was offended that the country got misled into this war. Dean is no pacifist. (Howard Dean Is No Pacifist) It is just that he thinks a president needs to make an honest case for war, and only use it as a weapon of last not first resort.

Now Bill Clinton has gone public against the war, in Dubai. He has broken precedence.

Republican Senators are losing patience. It is not a good feeling that you might have been duped.

Upto two thirds of Americans now oppose the war. That is a lot of confused, angry people out there.

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