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DFNYC, Drinking Liberally, DL21C, Cosmopolity

When I came into town it was like I landed on the DFNYC helipad, no regrets. I am a Deaniac, DFNYC is a great group. But I might be growing out of it. I am looking for other groups more to my bent. DFNYC is too structured for me. I am not aspiring of event planning and stuff like that that the DFNYC leadership folks do. And I am not exactly trying to become a foot soldier, nothing wrong with that.

Through DFNYC itself I have bumped into two groups of interest. Drinking Liberally and DL21C. First time was at the Fernando Ferrer's debate with Bloomberg. Then the State Of The Union watch party. I am particulary leaning towards Drinking Liberally. I am not a big drinker. But what I have missed most at DFNYC is relentless, hard core political conversations with no deadlines. I want to be up at 2 AM. Talk is action. I want to blog, and I want to talk, and I want to go back and blog the talk.

I am surprised it has taken me this long. But I am warming up to the idea. I am not walking away f…

Karl Rove, Hands Off Hillary

I have only one message for Karl Rove: get rid of the term limits thing for the US president and let's go head to head in 2008, or shut up. You are on your way out. He gets touted as Bush' brain. I think he is reflective more of the stupidity index. Like he once famously said, Democrats tend to have Ph.Ds. Not Hillary or me.

Karl Rove will go down in history as the man who cynically played the fear factor to try to win elections. This guy is not worried about your security. But he does seem to realize getting you scared works for him politically.

Karl Rove is the Brigadier General of the Bigots. His specialty is that he can get the fundies organized and riled up enough to go block vote. I have never heard Karl Rove disagree with Hillary on policy. It is because he thinks he has the misogynist card all stacked up. Expose him. When he is talking gender, I want to talk gender, I don't want to talk the weather. When he is talking the politics of personal destruction, I want to t…

Take It Back: Film

Last night I went to this film event organized by DFNYC: Take It Back (take it back ::: the movement for democracy and howard dean ::: a ...)

Getting there was a minor logistical nightmare. I started out late from home. Then I realized the venue was not neatly off some train stop, and a train change was involved. I figured I will be late. But then it turned out the L train was not running. That added to the delay. So I was running from train to train, then I was running overground from Union Square to the venue.

I got in. First thing I did, I bought the DVD. $50 for Hillary a few days back, $20 for Dean, oh, what the heck. $4 for the train. $3 for the drink. Then $7 for dinner after the movie since there is a great Nepali restaurant not far on the 14th and 1st, and since I was in the area. Then $1.50 for pizza, since after dinner I noticed there was this shop next door that was selling pizza slices for $1.39. Not even Walmart does that. So I went in even though it was right after dinner…

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker

You need one leader, one program. A 10 point program. But there is only so much to learn from Newt's 1994 fireworks. Actually, only one. That you need a 10 point program.

This one person has to be projected as the next Speaker, and the obvious choice is Nancy Pelosi. But then the parallels end. There has to be this sense of collective leadership under the banner, otherwise you win like Newt, and then you crash and burn. There is not much tangible in terms of what you accomplish in the aftermath, not much in terms of legacy.

As for the method to the madness, you learn from Dean 2004. You do it the grassroots way.

So the overall strategy obviously has to be a hodgepodge. There have to be several strands to the thread.

And although Pelosi is the masthead, people like Dean, Hillary and Obama, and even Bill Clinton, should really be crisscrossing the country like crazy, and that list can be larger. There can be no overshadow fear. It should feel more like we are all in this together. The b…

Tom Vilsack, Iowaman

Hillary In Person

Leila Noor was going to make up for the fortune it cost me to attend the Hillary event, and that by a free pass to a Vilsack event. My business ideas can come across as so out of the whack, I can come across as a member of the Starving Artists' Association (SAA). You show up at some fancy Manhattan party dressed up like a dot com millionaire, and people actually avoid you, otherwise my instinct is to work the room. Especially if you also have long, uncombed hair, unless combing with fingers counts. But today I had my haircut from the day of the Hillary event. And I dressed up, or as far as possible. Spickspan shining shoes, man in black trousers, shirt and jacket. But inside the buttoned jacket - one button, double breasted - was an untucked shirt. And there was no way I was going to put on a tie. It might as well be against my religion.

But then my "new French friend" Alvaro from the Hillary event emailed today, and so I put him on Leila's mailing li…

Video Blogging For A Living

Google's Blogger was not around during Dean 2004. So the idea that you can have your own blog in text for free is kind of recent. The idea that you can have your own podcast for free is even more recent. Google came up with the video option, as have a few others like YouTube.

I moved to New York City this past summer. Why did I move? I needed a place I could call home, something crowded, and diverse, and noisy and a little on the dirty side. Career was a secondary concern. I thought I might cultivate a few business ideas. Instead I was doing the Nepal work days, nights, evenings, and weekends.

I dipped into the storm during the dot com mania, I have been to all 48 states, I have driven overnight through a hurricane, and I am hard core political. And bills have to be paid.

I believe I have found a business model that could work for me. Google Video has announced it will make pay per view possible. If I could produce a 30 minute clip per day and get watched by 100 people per clip on av…

Hillary In Person

The artist Hillary brought along for the event played hip hop on violin. I had not imagined that was possible.

There are benefits to being on Leila Noor's mailing list. I got invited to this Hillary fundraiser. Cost $50 but more in the priceless category. After making the payment online, I teased her. After Hillary Obama. The reply email said sure, I will put you down for an Obama fundraiser I might be hosting. I was not expecting that. Then I said, after Obama Amitabh Bachchan.

"Who is Amitabh?"

The most recognized face on the planet.

I video recorded Hillary's entire speech which I will display here after uploading. Her basic thrust was it was time to start winning elections again. She did not say as much, but her point seemed to be that Nancy Peloisi should be the next Speaker.

If more 18-35 crowd voted, we would not be in this sorry shape, she seemed to suggest. That was the crowd she was addressing, people who buy cheap 50 dollar tickets.

"Now I will have to host…